Great Office Environment

You'll know from the moment you walk in what a great environment we have. From friendly staff to a dentist with a warm and welcoming smile, they call him Dr. Big Smile for a reason.

Our patients agree that the most comforting thing about our practice is the goal we have set to understand you and your specific needs. We consider all our patients to be like family and we will treat them that way (the part of the family we like that is :) ).

Family Oriented

If its not obvious from the logo and design of the website, Dr. Godfrey caters to every generation. Grandparents, parents, and children. He and his staff enjoy seeing the fruits of great smiles, experiences, and friends throughout every generation of his patients. Their actions and attitudes reflect that throughout your dental treatments. A very refreshing approach to dentistry.

Cosmetic For All Ages

Many dental practices focus on the cosmetic beauty of young to middle aged adults and tend to highlight the vanity of a cosmetic smile. Dr. Godfrey and his staff understand there's alot more to a beautiful smile than the vain representations of the world.

A beautiful smile with family and friends brings comfort and confidence. It improves health, both physically and emotionally. It helps grandparents smile with their grandchildren, parents with their children, and children with their family and friends. Of course it never hurts a young single adult either.

Again, with this office, you'll find their approach to cosmetic dentistry a refreshing perspective on big, beautfil smiles.


Learn about our convenient location on the Contact Us page.

We know that your time is valuable. We want your visit to be as convenient as possible. One way we accomplish that is by removing your waiting room time. Usually, you have to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your appointment just to fill out patient forms. We can literally save you up to 30 minutes of your day and get rid of any boring waiting room time by using our Automated New Patient Forms.


One of the greatest attributes of this office is it's ability to balance the friendly environment with a high level of professionalism to make sure the dental services you receive are of the best quality.

Having served as President and Board Member of Georgia Board of Dentistry, Dr. Godfrey has participated in helping establish the rules of ethics, performance, and other important matters concerning the practice of dentistry in this community. This has led to Dr. Godfrey's office becoming a shining example in the industry of implementing and practicing these rules. You will quickly appreciate the level of professionalism practiced in this office.


1320 W. Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta Georgia, 30327

P. 404.233.3252
F. 404.233.0701

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